How To Clean Rust Stains Off Of Your Steak Knives

How to Clean Rust Stains Off Steak Knives

In another article, we discussed how to care for your knives properly. If you are not aware of that article or if you accidentally made a mistake when handling your knife, it may end up with rust stains. Rust stains can result from many conditions, but the most common condition is when a knife is exposed to water for too long.

Carbon steel, which is typically used in high-end knives, is particularly vulnerable to rusting, so it is important to take good care of these knives. Even if your knives are made of stainless steel, they can still rust if mishandled, so regardless of the material, you should ensure that they are stored properly and dried quickly.

Under no circumstance should you even use a rusty knife to cut food. You put yourself at the risk of several diseases when you expose your food to rust. In addition to the chance of disease, you may end up with rust flakes in your food which can injure your throat and digestive system depending on the thickness.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to remove the rust from your knives, and some of them are even homemade.

Rust Remover

The first option we will go over is also the most obvious. You can buy purpose made rust remover for knives, ensuring that you can clear off the rust spots as quickly as possible.

Rust Remover for Knifes

Rust remover for knives can also remove deeper rust spots than many of the other options, so if you have a knife which has been neglected, you will find that this may work. There is no guarantee, however, as there is a limit to what rust remover can even do.


One of the most popular homemade remedies for rust removal is to soak your knives in vinegar for thirty minutes to an hour. This will soften up the rust and make it very easy to remove with any abrasive material, but it is recommended that you use a scrubbing pad to ensure that your knife is not damaged in the cleanup process.

Lemon Juice

Another option which can break down the rust on your knives is lemon juice. As you can see, acidic solutions tend to work best when you are clearing away rust. You can soak the knife in lemon juice, or you can simply slice a lemon in half and place it over the rust spots.

Lemon Juices for Rust Removal

Once the lemon has been there for half an hour, remove it and scrub off the rust.


As you can see, there are several remedies for removing rust from your knives. Two of them are homemade and require few resources besides what you may already have in your home. The final one is a store bought solution. It is up to you which one will work best for your needs.