Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set Review

Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set Review

For those people wanting to invest in a steak knife set that suits a larger crowd, you might have been put off by the four or six piece sets that are usually sold.

Although they might have a great product within, you would have to purchase a few sets just to meet the needs of your family, upcoming event, or commercial restaurant.

The Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set might be just what you’ve been looking for, with a larger quantity of knives without settling on quality.

If you have a larger family, are looking to invest in knives for a professional restaurant, or enjoy entertaining regularly, these are a great option.

About The Product

For everything needed in the home, Equinox is a trusted brand that can give you variety and quality with everything they sell.

Equinox 16-Piece Steak Knife Set cutting through the steak

This premium set of 16 steak knives is ideal for those who entertain larger crowds and want to be sure that all of their dinner guests are enjoying their meals with quality cutlery.

When you purchase the Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set you’re getting a product that has been well designed and made with the highest quality materials, including:

  • Dark pakkawood handles for a professional touch
  • Full tang blade made from high quality German stainless steel
  • Packaged in a black sleeve case
  • Packaged in a black sleeve case
  • Serrated edge which never requires sharpening
  • Lifetime warranty

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than quality with your kitchen settings, you’ll be pleased to have found the Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set.

Pros And Cons Of The Equinox 16 Piece Knife Set

Some reviews have stated that the knives could have been a little sharper and at times it was tough to get through larger cuts of steak, but that overall the quality and craftsmanship was amazing.

Equinox 16-Piece Steak Review

The knives have been balanced perfectly, the steel is tough, and the handles are made of beautiful dark wood as well.

Considering the lower cost of this set compared to others, they’re well beyond good value for money.

How to Buy The Equinox Steak Knife Set

If you’re ready to invest in this 16 piece knife set and complete your dining room setting, Amazon currently has them listed for just under $75 with free shipping.

When you calculate the cost per knife and compare it to other high-quality brands, it’s a great deal on knives that come with a lifetime guarantee.

Final Verdict

When the four and six knife sets just won’t cut it, you can rely on Equinox to provide something high quality and durable with their 16 Piece Steak Knife Set.

These knives will bring class to any table, and your kitchen will be complete with the stunning matching set.

Click on the button below to purchase the Equinox set for yourself, and make an investment that will last your family for years.