How To Make A Perfect Steak

How To Make A Perfect Steak

Arguably the most popular type of meat there is, steak has long been a favorite for people of all backgrounds and with varying interest in flavor. They’re juicy, easy to acquire, and they taste great with almost any kind of sides, but cooking them to perfection can be a tricky feat.

We all know the grades of cooking steaks range from blue to well done, but achieving these ourselves when our dinner guests request them or we want to make a gourmet feast for the family can be tough. This handy guide will show the simplest way to cook the perfect steak, and what to look for when choosing the meat.

Buying The Right Cut

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing that says you have to spend a fortune on meat just to get a quality steak. Provided you’re cooking it with care, there are many other cuts other than eye fillets that can get you a restaurant quality taste.

Ribeye is perfect meat for a Steak

The most popular cuts of steak are rib eye, sirloin, fillet, and rum, but if you’re not able to afford these or simply want to try something different and equally delicious, there are other options. According to world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver, you should also try flank skirt, thick skirt, thin skirt, and flat iron steak varieties which provide the perfect blend of tender meat with marbling.

The Steak Cooking Process

When you’ve got your prime piece of beef all picked out, you’ll want to leave it out on the kitchen bench for around an hour before cooking. This ensures that it’s the same temperature the whole way through and will make for more even cooking when the time comes.

  • Once your steak is at room temperature, rub it with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil thoroughly and on both sides.
  • Turn the pan on and allow it to heat up to the maximum level before placing the steak in, this will ensure it gets the perfect crust.
  • When the heat is at an ideal temperature, carefully place the steak in with a pair of tongs. We’re aiming to cook it at medium rare to medium, which usually is about six minutes of cooking time.
  • Every minute or so, turn the steak over with your tongs. This will ensure it’s cooked evenly on both sides. Don’t let it cook longer than the six minutes or it will be extremely tough to eat and lose a lot of flavors.
  • Once done, remove the steak and sit it on the plate for a few minutes to allow it rest. Rub some more extra virgin olive oil on it for extra juiciness and then serve to your guests.

For those guests who are extra finicky and want theirs cooked a little longer, it’s best to oblige. Although medium rare to medium is the ideal cooking level for steaks, some people have an aversion to eating anything with visible blood so it’s best to ask your guests first what they prefer. However, for the absolute best in texture and flavor, follow these steps closely.

Cutting Steak with a Stake Knife

If you’re looking to add a bit more excitement to your steak cooking, you can try experimenting with different flavors, herbs, and spices too. Try rubbing some garlic into the steak before cooking or even butter, and rub some rosemary into it during cooking to harness some of these woody flavors. The steak is a versatile meat so there’s really little you can do wrong when flavoring it.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to cook a perfect steak is one of those things that all adults should be able to do successfully in life. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking up steaks at a barbecue, or preparing a home cooked meal for your family, you’ll have people seriously impressed when you manage to create the perfect dish for them with just this little bit of knowledge.

Impressive Steak

There’s no need to spend a fortune on getting the best steak for the job, either, as there are plenty of budget cuts that work just as well. Take the time and speak with your local butcher as to what they recommend, as having the perfect steak to work with can be half the job of perfecting this world renowned dish.