The Serrated Vs Non Serrated Knives Debate

The Serrated Vs Non Serrated Knives Debate

When you’re shopping for a new knife or set of knives, there are countless variations, specifications, and small details that can have a huge impact on the end product.

However, the most important feature you need to consider is the blade. Because the blade is the part doing the work, you need to think about its edge and how it will tackle the types of foods you’re using it for.

If you’re discussing steak knives specifically, the two main categories are serrated and non serrated, or straight edge, knives.

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you ask any steak lover they’ll no doubt have a favorite in mind. We’re going to take a look at what each offer so we can answer once and for all which is truly best.

What Is A Serrated Knife?

A serrated knife is one that has teeth or a saw like edge on its cutting surface. When you use a serrated knife, the action you use is similar to a small saw as it carves into your food with full force.

Serrated steak knives in the box

Almost every kitchen has at least one serrated knife within in, as they are useful for a range of foods.

The best use for a serrated knife is anything that’s hard on the outside but soft on the inside, which is why they’re particularly great for cutting bread.

However, in terms of eating steak these are also widely popular as they allow people to saw through the meat no matter how well it’s cooked, and with minimal effort, if it’s sharp enough.

The Benefits Of A Serrated Knife

When you own a serrated knife, there are a few ways you can benefit that just aren’t possible with straight edges such as:

  • These knives require little to no maintenance when compared to a plain edge knife, so they’re great if you don’t want too much effort.
  • A serrated blade stays sharper for longer which means you won’t be sharpening it constantly as you do with a plain edge blade.
  • These knives work better for downward cuts such as bread, meats, and some fruits and they can be quite versatile.

What Is A Non Serrated Knife?

On the other hand, a non serrated knife usually refers to a plain edge one. These have a straight and sharp edge that can be quite sharp to the touch, and they usually need to be sharpened often in order to keep them useful.

Non serrated steak knives in the box

These are great for when you have to make a clean cut, and although traditionally weren’t used as steak knives now are usually the top choice in the more expensive brands.

The give strong and steady pressure in comparison to the sawing motion of the serrated edge, so they suit other materials better.

The Benefits Of A Non Serrated Knife

When you own a sharpened plain edge knife, there are a few ways that you can benefit in comparison to the serrated edge variety, including:

  • A plain edge knife can give a clean cut when compared to the serrated edge, and for this reason are ideal for cutting steak and other meat without losing flavors or juices.
  • The motion of cutting with a plain edge knife is far less effort when compared to a serrated knife, as there’s no need to saw back and forth.

Final Verdict

Although everyone is bound to have their own personal preference, in terms of cutting steak with a quality knife it has to be the straight edge.

Black handle steak knife on the black table

Serrated knives aren’t without their strong points though, but to get the best taste and with minimal effort eating your steak, the straight blade is it.

If you’ve always been a fan of serrated, there’s no need to switch over as long as you’re enjoying your choice.

If you’re really sitting on the fence of serrated and non serrated, it is possible to get one that offers a little of each.

These knives have a plain edge closer to the handle and then turn into a serrated blade, however, they’re usually far less quality than if you purchased a good type of each knife so it’s generally not worth the hassle.